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This blog cronicals the recent events of me, April, owner and photographer of CoConut CirCle. First and foremost a wife and mother of 3 children, photography allows me to express my creative side, work in a field that I am passionate about, and capture the magic in each moment, while still maintaining a schedule that works for my beautiful family. It is truly a win-win and I am blessed to be able to work with my amazing clients. My photographic style is casual and relaxed. I believe that the best images are moments captured rather that moments created, and I can't wait to capture the beautiful moments in your life.

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"When you find yourself beginning to feel a bond between yourself and the people you photograph, when you laugh and cry with their laughter and tears, you will know that you are on the right track."

-Arthur Fellig

Monday, August 9, 2010

Secrets Revealed!

The two most frequently asked questions I get from clients:

1) "What is the secret to taking great pictures?" and

2) "What is the secret to looking great in a picture?"

Today, I reveal some secrets. Wanna look great in not only your CoConut CirCle professional pictures, but also look better in all of your home snap shots? ....follow these simple tips to looking like a supermodel....and taking better snaps too.

1) COLOR is key: Choose a color that pops. White can easily blow out on film making you look washed out and larger...who wants that?!?! In black, if the lighting is not perfect, you can often lose the shadows that create shape on film, which will also make you look larger! Who said black is slimming??? Chose your favorite color, something that you wear often and are comfortable in...nothing fussy that you will be pulling up or down, or tucking in bra straps all afternoon. If you are taking pics with another person or people, you do not need to match, but coordinate instead. Plan your outfits like you would decorate a room...drapes, pillows, sofa, chair fabrics and area rugs never match, but they coordinate beautifully making the room inviting.

2) Capture the LIGHT: Know where you light is! Photography is often referred to as "painting with light." If you are not lit properly, the photograph is going to be blah. The right light makes everyone more beutiful. I have a strong preference for shooting in natural light. Avoid the harshest light of mid day and direct sunlight, or seek shade. No one looks good squinting! Overcast days are perfect, as well as early morning and the golden light of late evening. If you are indoors, open blinds or doors to let in as much natural light as possible and aa the subject, always face the light. In a dark room or at night, make sure the room light is right above the photographer's head.

3) Keep it MOVING: Ever seen "Americas' Next Top Model?" (One of my TV guilty pleasures!) During their photo shoots, those models, well at least the good ones, never just stand still, sqaure to the camera and "say cheese." Those shots look...well....cheesey! Keep moving and mix things up a little bit. Lean toward the camera, lean back onto a wall or chair...walk, sway, turn...relax! For your home snap shots, the AUTO setting on almost any point and shoot will adjust for a moving subject and any professional photographer will LOVE your style!

4) go AU NAUTUREL: Kind of! LOL Make-up is a big question I get from women before a photoshoot. My answer is always the same...make it natural and real. Now that means different things for different women. What I mean is that you should be true to your everyday natural self. This is NOT the time to try the new purple and gold eyeshadow trend! If you normally leave the house fully made up, do your usual. For more formal, glamourus or "red carpet" pics, go with your night-out make up routine, but not overdone. If you are more of a minimalist when it comes to makeup, go with a more natural look (however I always recommend mascara to define the eyes.) follow these guidelines and your pictures will look like you on your best day, not like someone else or someone playing dress up.

5) think THIN: Not really, but it got your attention! LOL Actually think of something other than "Can you hurry up and get this overwith!" Your eyes don't lie and if you are less than enthused about having your picture taken, it will show all over your face. Very young children are fun to photograph for this very reason. Their faces are so expressive as they take in every little thing and they are never looking at me thinking "hurry up!" Think of something happy, profound, soothing, or exciting. The old saying "smiling eyes" is actually true!

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  1. funny... you speak about knowing your light and how to photograph it... yet it would seem as though you don't have a firm grasp on it yourself and are relying on PS to create it.... esp. in the cat eyes. easy on the expert opinions!!?!